Wow! What a Year 2023 Has Been!

Wow! What a year 2023 was! When I think back at all of the testimonies I’ve heard over the last year, I am blown away and amazed at everything that God has done with Remnant Kids. I can’t believe that for whatever reason God chose Remnant Kids to be a part of my story, and I’m so grateful that He did. I want to thank all of you for all of the amazing testimonies and praise reports of what you have seen God do in your ministries this past year. It has been a true blessing to walk beside each of you as we strive to raise this next generation to be God’s fiercely loyal remnant.

Exciting Things Coming in 2024!

I am so excited to be sharing with all of you some exciting additions that will be coming to Remnant Kids this year, and make sure that all of you have the opportunity to be a part of everything that is happening here at Remnant Kids. As much as I love working in children’s ministry, I am finding that I also love having a community of like minded leaders who are determined to see God do amazing things in this next generation. 

Remnant Roundtable

First and foremost, the biggest addition that will be coming this year is the Remnant Roundtable. I was recently reading in Nehemiah and I started to notice that there were very specific things that he did to be able to carry on his mission of rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem while he was under attack. I quickly started to make some connections between our lives as ministry leaders and Nehemiah. The harsh reality is that we have an enemy who is hell-bent on our destruction as ministry leaders. He wants to keep us distracted and defeated so we don’t accomplish the Kingdom assignment we’ve been given of building up the next generation. The Remnant Roundtable will include leadership development as well as space for us to share individual things happening within our ministries and a time for us to pray for and encourage each other. I truly believe that this group of ministry leaders will quickly become lifelong friends. You can reserve your spot now.

Flamingo Up!

You may have noticed that I’ve added a flamingo to the Remnant Kids logo! You know how sometimes one thing leads tto another and before long it’s a whole thing?! Well, that’s what happened here! Two summers ago, I was asked to lead a kids camp for staff kids. I decided to get crazy hats so that way it was easy for parents, kids, and staff to find me anywhere. My flamingo hat was the biggest hit. This last year I decided to go even bigger. Everthing was flamingos! I even bought a flamingo inflatable costume! The next month I was speaking at a different chruch camp and for whatever reason God kept asking me, “do flamingos fly?” so that led to a crazy search on the Google Machine and the next thing I knew, I had 26 sermons about how Flamingos are everything that the Remnant needs to be. Now, Remnant Kids has a mascot! Does anyone have any name suggestions? 

More Content!

Remnant Kids is all about giving you the resources to effectively disciple kids, and I had no idea that it would turn into everything that it is today. I believe that the core beliefs of Remnant Kids can easily be applied to any ministry, regardless of the curriculum that you use. For this reason, I’ve decided to take the plunge and get Remnant Kids on Social Media! You can find Remnant Kids on Instagram (@remnantkids), TikTok (@remnantkids), and Facebook ( I’ll be starting an official mailing list that will be sent out each month that will include some discipleship hacks, a look into what I’m reading, ministry updates, prayer and encouragement, and probably some flamingos! 


Believing for More in 2024

I want to leave you with this: I want to challenge you to believe for more in 2024. Maybe you ended 2023 feeling really, really tired or burnt out. Maybe you’re a new ministry leader and you’re feeling like you’re feeling like a fish out of water. Maybe you’ve been hit with circumstances that seem like they are so big and intimidating that you don’t know what you’re going to do. I want to encourage you that God sees you, He calls you by name, and He is able to step into your unique situation and give you a kingdom answer. I want to challenge you to commit your plans for 2024 to God, and allow Him to direct your steps and let Him lead you through those feelings of burn out and overwhelm. Allow Him to renew your strength, allow Him to speak His life giving power into those situations that seem like they are helpless. God doesn’t want you to just get by. He wants you to be victorious. I’m believing that God is going to do an amazing work in  your life and in your ministry this coming  year. I’m praying for you!