Using Bible Mapping as a Story Telling Method


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If you’re looking for a way to bring the Bible to life that kids of all ages involved in what you’re teaching, look no further! The Bible Mapping Story telling method is fun, engaging, and helps the kids retain information that you’re teaching. This activity becuase it will target 11 out of 12 learning styles (unless you add some kind of melodic/singing element to it) without having to do a whole lot of extra prep every week, and because it doesn’t require you to make a whole lot of changes, it also is another way to make sure that your lessons are not only engaging to every kid in the room, but is also ready to be inclusive for kids with learning differences. This makes this Story telling method even more of a win!

Materials you’ll need:

Corkboard tiles (you’ll want at least 3, but you can have as many as you need to fit your needs) 
OR 3 rolls of magnetic paper
Lamination Sheets
Bible Mapping Cards
Yarn or Arrows
Small magnets with adhesive on one side.

 44Creating Your Bible Mapping Boards

Once you get all of your supplies, you will want to put the magnetic paper on top of your cork board. This will allow you to use both tacks and adhesive magnets on your cork boards, and it makes the Bible mapping process much more fun and interesting for the kids. On my boards, I have my sections planned out since I use the same size of cut outs each week, so my tacks never move. This keeps my magnetic paper from getting too many holes in it.

Preparing for Bible Mapping in Your Lesson

The first thing you’ll need to do is print, cut, and laminate your cards. I recommend doing this because it allows you continue to use the same cards over and over again, drastically cutting down on your weekly operation costs. 

As you’re preparing for your lesson, you’ll want to print out the Bible character cards and place them on the left side of the cork board. You will want 2 cards for each Bible character or event that you’re wanting to be the “main point” of the lesson.

You’ll also want to create simple images in Canva that go along with your lesson: object lesson, memory verse, review questions, etc. (If you use Remnant Kids curriculum, this is already done for you in the Remnant Kids HQ section of the weekly downloads).

You’ll want to print these out and post them on your second cork board, which will be in the center. You’ll want to add the second set of the Bible character cards under

On your third cork board,  you’ll want to print out and laminate several boy and girl cards, event cards, and location cards. Have these ready to put on the board as the kids make their Bible to life connections.

What to do during your lesson

During your lesson, you’ll have the pieces of paper set up on  your boards. Make sure you know who you’re wanting to talk about. Instruct the kids to think about whatever it is that is the main teaching point(s) of the lesson. This can be anything from emotions, situations people found themselves in, etc.

I like to add notes/pictures to the Bible Adventure cards using wet erase markers. As you tell the Bible Adventure, you’ll want to also make sure to reference the main teaching points of the lesson that you have printed out. 

Next, you’ll reveiew the Bible Adventure with the kids’ participation. You can get them to make more interactions with the Bible Adventure by giving them long strands of yarn to make the physical connection from the Bible characters and events to the main teaching part of the story, making an emphasis to show what God did in the midst of the Bible Adventure.

Finally, you’ll have the kids talk about their own life. How can they relate to the characters and events in the Bible Adventure. Was the character afraid? Have they felt afraid? Where did the Bible Adventure take place? What was this place like, what made is significant? Do we have places like that today? What are they? You’ll add these notes to the posts on the right side of your board and have the kids make similar connections.

How has this played out in ministry?

Right now we’re teaching about Pentecost for the month in Remnant Kids. We talked about how Holy Spirit sets us apart and anoints us for ministry. This was also during Mother’s Day, so I wanted to make sure we talked about the way that Holy Spirit also sets apart and anoints people in our life to do make God real and tangible in our lives.

The kids pointed out that Holy Spirit equipped Peter with the ability to preach the Gospel in languages He didn’t previously know. We talked about how quickly the early church grew after Holy Spirit came and the apostles were transformed from a spirit of fear to a spirit of love, power and a sound mind.

The kids made some really interesting connections that I wasn’t fully expecting:

–Peter’s education was far more limited than theirs. They can learn anything on the internet.
–Being a Christian means that sometimes we are asked to do things that we’ve never done before.
–Holy Spirit is able to bring things that are hidden within us to light. We can use those things to bless others.
–Holy Spirit gives us answers from God’s Kingdom which are better than answers from this world.

They made the connection that Holy Spirit has used people in our church to make them feel loved and a part of our church family. They made note of how their moms and favorite grown ups get help from Holy Spirit to raise them to be who God created them to be. This was things from ways that their mom helped them learn how to do something new, overcome issues at school, and a few others.

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