Celebrate What God is Doing through Child Discipleship

What’s the Remnant Kids difference?

God has a larger than life calling for your ministry. The curriculum and ministry model you use should reflect that. Remnant Kids provides you with curriculum, family, and church resources that not only are customized to your unique ministry needs, but also position your church to change generations.

Remnant Kids is a ministry model that takes the time to train children in prayer, worship, and real-life application of God’s Word, and equips them to be the hands and feet of Jesus in their community.  We offer consulting, training courses, curriculum, and everything you need to be successful in changing the lives of a generation in the love and power of God. 

Understanding Remnant Kids

Ministry in any constructive context requires structure and development. We know that your hands are full, so we do our best to equip you to change lives.  Remnant Kids provides you with online training courses to help you create your ministry culture, train your team, engage kids in their faith, equip parents to be spiritual leaders, foster intergenerational relationships in the church, and more.

The Remnant Kids Ministry Model

$99/month includes everything you see below!

Embrace God's Vision

  • Over 30 Conference-Quality Training Videos
  • Application Worksheets to help you apply the training to your specific ministry context
  • Training Topics include: establishing a ministry model aand culture, teaching to how kids leaern, equipping parents, teaching spiritual disciplines, and more.
  • Promotional Material you can customize to your ministry

Engage Kids (in their relationship with God)

  • Weekly lessons for infants, toddlers, and kids. Outlines for youth and adult studies
  • Interactive lessons that are inclusive for learning differences and special needs
  • Online lessons with addtional Script lessons for recording
  • Presentations, bumber videos, and countdowns
  • Resources to create an interactive ministry environment

Equip Parents (to be Spiritual Leaders)

  • Monthly relationship builders to create a strong foundation for child discipleship
  • Monthly discipleship focus and training
  • Vocabulary, Discipleship, and culture guides and resources
  • Invitations for parents to be part of Spiritual milestones.
  • Social Media posts and email prompts
  • Parent Training

Empower Families (to be the hands & feet of Jesus)

  • Family Prayer and Outreach Focus
  • Monthly Family Memory Keepers
  • Family Spiritual Growth Guides
  • Family Identity in Christ
  • Daily Family Moments 
  • Social Media Posts and Ministry Leader Guide

Encourage Community (in the church)

  • Monthly church prayer and discipleship focus
  • Monthly Celebration Card
  • Themed Materials for website, bulletin, slides
  • Social Media Posts
  • Character Building Cards
  • Testimony Cards
  • Welcome Vision Cards for New Families

Enrich the Ministry Experience

  • Volunteer Admin Files: fonts, colors, etc
  • Planning and Prep lists
  • Lesson, sermon and small group planner
  • Cue Cards and Guided Lessons
  • Ministry Evaluation and Training
  • Volunteer Portal

See What’s Included 

I’m passionate about training and equipping churches and families to disciple kids to be life long followers of Jesus.

I was raised in a non-Christian home with a strong moral ground. When my friends first started to invite me to youth group, I was really confused and really annoyed that they were quick to point out that I needed a Savior, but couldn’t tell me why I was a sinner. All of that changed when I had a radical encounter with God, and from then on I’ve done all that I can to make the Gospel accessible to those who don’t yet know Him.

When I became a mom, I had a new passion to make sure that my kids knew who God is and the plans that He has for them. I wanted my kids to be able to effectively communicate the Gospel in love and show others that life with God is their best adventure. I wanted them to love God, His Word, and His people. I couldn’t find resources to do this effectively, so I started creating the curriculum and resources on my own.

I am certain that you plus God equals something so much more special and significant than you could imagine.

I genuinely love connecting with children’s ministry leaders, especially when coffee is involved. There are few things that encourage me more than hearing about what God is doing in the hearts and lives of ministry leaders and the ministry that God has given them to steward.

I’m among those who firmly believe that those who serve in children’s ministry are among the most talented, creative, resourceful, loving, and overall most amazing people on the planet.

I am so glad that you are here and I hope that you will take the time to connect with me through the variety of resources I have available to encourage and equip you to disciple this next generation well. I would love to see you be a part of a Remnant Kids Roundtable, a casual Facebook Room Meet-up where KidMin Leaders get together to share big ministry wins, encourage, and pray together as we prepare to go into the week ahead. My hope and prayer is that you are strengthened, encouraged, and feel prepared to lead this upcoming generation with excellence after spending time in my little corner of the internet today.

Curriculum and Ministry Training

Transformational ministry is often the result of world-class training.

Establishing the Remnant Kids Ministry Model

Being equipped for growth and success in kid’s ministry is one of the most significant challenges faced.  With your Remnant Kids Ministry Model Subscription, you are given the training and support your kid’s ministry deserves.

Imagine conference-quality training and all of the materials and resources you need to match your ministry’s vision. With the Remnant Kids curriculum and ministry model subscription, you will be equipped for ministry growth and success. 

In this course, you will learn how to not only create your ministry’s vision, you will create a ministry culture and effortlessly customize the Remnant Kids curriculum to meet your unique ministry needs. You will also have access to a training portal where you will be able to easily share all of the training material with your team, helping you to effectively train your ministry partners to disciple the next generation.

This training course provides you with an in-depth look at the curriculum, training on how to present lessons that are fun, engaging, and reach all 12 learning styles. You’ll learn how you can use the curriculum for every age group and life stage in your ministry, how to meet parents where they are in learning how to be the spiritual leader of their home. You’ll also get strategies to help foster intergenerational relationships, recruit new ministry partners, and how to create a volunteer team who is dedicated and passionate about the role they get to play in discipling the next generation to be God’s fiercely loyal remnant, who is steadfast and relentless in their faith.

Remnant Roundtable

The Remnant Kids Roundtable is designed specifically for passionate children’s ministry leaders seeking personal, spiritual, and professional growth. This comprehensive course is crafted to give you tools and resources that go beyond the Remnant Kids Curriculum and Ministry model so every children’s ministry leader can deepen their impact, expand their skill set, and join a supportive community of like-hearted individuals. In these round table style Zoom meetings, you can expect:

Personal Growth: Learn new skills and strategies for both your personal life and ministry.

Professional Development: Each month we’ll tackle a hot topic in ministry and learn from each other.

Community & Support: Ministry doesn’t have to be lonely. The Remnant Kids Roundtable will provide you with friendships with people who know and understand the KidMin life.

Step into a transformative friendships that enriches your leadership skills, amplifies your impact, and connects you with a vibrant community of passionate children’s ministry leaders. Embrace this opportunity to grow, inspire, and make a lasting difference in the lives of children. Enroll now and become part of a community committed to excellence in children’s ministry leadership!

KidMin Hack Training Library

You’re a KidMin leader, of course you’re always looking for resources to help you reach your ministry goals. With the KidMin Hack training library, you get access to all of the KidMin Hacks that are featured on my blog as well as step by step instructions, complete shoppings lists, and more! All of the KidMin Hacks are tools and resources that you can use to reach your ministry goals and can be customized to fit your specific ministry needs.

KidMin Hacks are divided into 6 categories: 

Embrace Your Vision: Tools to help you plan your year, meetings, and everything that helps you run your ministry smoothly.

Engage Kids: From classroom management to activities and beyond! This category will give you everything you need to engage kids in their relationship with God. 

Equip Parents: Help parents understand their role as spiritual leaders with these KidMin Hacks!

Empower Families: Family service projects, events, and more. Partner with families and give them opportunities to share their faith with their community

Encourage Community: This is where you will get training and resources to  build intergenerational relationships

Enrich the Ministry Experience: Build an unstoppable ministry team who knows they’re appreciated with these KidMin Hacks!

Kid Min Hacks

Bible Mapping

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Bible Mapping

Using Bible Mapping as a Story Telling Method   **This post contains affiliate links. By using my unique link to make a purchase for your ministry, I do get a small commission from your purchase without an added cost to you** If you're looking for a way to bring...

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Free Resources

Free 30 Minute Call

Your curriculum will either make you or break you when it comes to bringing your vision to life, so I want to offer you a free 30-minute call to go over their ministry vision and help you see if Remnant Kids is the right fit for your ministry.

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I love connecting with other ministry leaders. There are truly few things that I love more than hearing about big kingdom wins that are happening around the world.

I love working with other children’s ministry leaders. If you are considering Remnant Kids as your children’s ministry curriculum, I would love to connect with you over a free 30-minute call to share more of the heart and vision of Remnant Kids, answer your questions, and help you know if Remnant Kids is the right fit for your ministry.

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